Mobile Personal Theater That Goes Where We Go

All of us have at some point of our viewing life wished we could see everything a lot clearer in any device that uses display technology. Clear visuals and audio as well make any viewing experience more pleasant, whether we are watching a movie at home, playing Kickstarter games on our mobile devices, or simply listening to music while on the go. We could all use a gadget that can make this happen.

It is very interesting to go over the many proposals in crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter becuase of the many products that would could help make our lives a lot easier to manage and enjoy. One such product worth looking into is the Glyph which is a mobile personal theater with built in premium audio. It is touted as the mobile personal theater that goes where we go.


What is the Glyph?

The Glyph is a device that provides vivid images and premium audio in a flip down form factor. It makes use of the Virtual Retinal Display to project images directly unto the retina thus creating images that have never been as sharp and stark. The usual limitation attached to display devices that are being made smaller for convenience in bringing around is the image quality. This device seeks to overcome that limitation.

Like most developed technologies, the idea was started on a physically larger scale. It was miniaturized to fit into a portable headset for mobile or home use. With the use of a simple HDMI input for displaying anything in a user’s content library, a whole new world of viewing and listening is opened up.


The Technology of Glyph

The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display makes use of one million micromirrors in each eye piece to allow the reflection of a lifelike image directly unto the back of the retina. The developer assures that that is is an advanced and safe process that produces very little eyestrain, if any. It has been fully developed and extensively tested but continues to be studied for possible improvement in design.

There is great effort being exerted to produce a more efficient design to provide a more balanced and comfortable fit. The tested prototypes were worn comfortably for hours with no reported incident of nausea or disorientation when transitioning back to normal vision. The end product is can be said to to be the result of comprehensive study and testing.

Funding for Glyph

The support it obtained from the Kickstarter platform amounting to a total of $ 807,818 from 1,720 backers is to be used to expand the developer’s prototype base. This is for the purpose of performing full experimentation on fit and function. There are also funding needs for organizing manufacturing and improving engineering cycles. The Glyph currently being shipped are beta products.

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