Essential Gadgets for a Fun Road Trip

Essential gadgets for a fun road trip
I hate driving, but mainly because city traffic and drivers can give you a heart attack at the best of times. Driving out in the open country roads with the beautiful scenery to entertain you is something that is altogether different. And it can be even more fun if you’re in the passenger seat.

Taking a road trip to wherever you feel like on a weekend, spontaneously or not, can do wonders. If you have not done this recently, maybe it’s time that you did. Before you do that, though, make sure you get these essential gadgets for a fun road trip packed and ready.

Music player that connects to your car’s stereo

Of all the essential gadgets for a fun road trip, I think an mp3 player is the most important. That could be because I cannot live without music, but can you imagine being in the car for hours on end without background music? That being said, spend some time creating playlists that you can choose from. Make sure you also take in consideration the preferences of your travel companions.


For playing games or reading. This is especially useful if you do not feel like talking to your companions. Whatever the reason for that may be, you will be thankful that you you brought your tablet with you. Additionally, if you have kids, the tablet will be a wonderful way of keeping them quiet when they start fidgeting.

Portable speakers

You obviously won’t be using this in car, but if you’re headed to the beach (or the mountains, for that matter), you might not have access to a stereo system. With a solid portable speaker set, you can enjoy laid back music as you lounge under the sun or set up a party mood at night. With all the choices available, you don’t even have to spend too much on a decent set.

Portable battery pack/charger

You’ve got your phone, your tablet, and everything else you need. But how much juice do you have in your devices? The chances are that you will need to recharge them at least once, and if you want to make sure you never run out of power while on the road, a portable battery pack/charger has to be on your list. Get one that has a high amperage so that you can power up more devices.

These are what I consider essential gadgets for a fun road trip. What’s on your list?

About the Author
Elizabeth is a always up for a road trip, and she makes sure she has her trusty gadgets ready any time. When planning a road trip, she relies on sites such as Expedia.

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