Sep 24 2009

A recent study out by Interpret has revealed that the Palm Pre is the second “smartest” mobile device on the market. Second only to the iPhone.

iphone and palm pre

Interpret reveals that despite being massively disadvantaged in the marketplace, Palm managed to nab a huge chunk of mindshare with the Pre — in fact, the report suggests that the Pre is number two only to the iPhone 3GS in the metric. The study looks at the driving factors behind purchaser’s decisions to buy a smartphone, narrowing down the list to three major components: belief that the phone is “smart,” belief that the phone is “hip / cool,” and belief that the phone will make them more productive.

via Engadget

Personally I have tried both phones out, and I like the Pre, but I believe the iPhone has a much sleeker, easy to use interface, and it definetly more a hip, cool , and easy to justify phone. The Palm Pre on the other hand is probably more geared towards an active business executive who wants more phone and less music and multimedia capability.

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