Making Your Business Mobile


Mobile phones are ubiquitous in this day and age. Accepting credit cards with your phone is quickly becoming the method of choice for businesses and entrepreneurs on the move. More and more websites are going mobile, as well. With new technical advancements in security and regulatory compliance measures, consumers can swipe or buy online without fear of stolen identities or fraudulent purchases. Web based point of sale systems and e-commerce solutions are gaining popularity every day. Giving your customers the option to shop online from their phone or computer can help to expand your business beyond the traditional. This trend will continue to see a huge growth over the next decade with 50 percent of all European consumers purchasing items and services with a mobile device by 2020, according to Visa. However, with so many choices, how do you know what is the right solution for your business? Understanding how the different e-commerce options work is the first step in making an educated decision. [Continue reading]

Ready to Drone On?


Drones have become a must-have toy for adults, but they are also becoming staples to help businesses optimize. If you’ve been thinking about indulging in your own private drone, now is the best time to act. There are drones for every budget, gizmos … [Continue reading]

Droning On


Amazon has a drone, the US military has scores of drones, but you might be surprised to find out which professionals are also loving the drone movement. Realtors, real estate property managers and others in the housing industry are leading the pack … [Continue reading]