Can You Trust Skin Cancer Detection Apps?

Skin cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer, and if caught early it’s also one of the most treatable. Unfortunately, however, many people ignore signs of a problem, refusing to head to the dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. Well, now there may be an alternative to the doctor: skin cancer detection apps.

Fitting neatly into a culture that loves fitness wearables and other health trackers, skin cancer detection apps like SkinVision have been publicized as matching dermatologists when it comes to identifying melanoma. Though the technology is still in its early phases, we may be seeing the first signs of a diagnostic revolution that puts more power in the hands of patients. [Continue reading]

Gadgets, Wearables, and Clothes: Fitting In Time For Fitness

wearable technology on show london

If there's one type of gadget that nearly everyone can enjoy to some degree or another, it's a fitness gadget. These can come in the form of wristbands, sensors, apps for your phone, or any combination of those together. And you don't' have to be a … [Continue reading]

Ways to Use Your Phone To Aid in Living A Healthier Lifestyle

calorie counting app

With all the options that are available in the world, it can be hard to make the right decision on anything. Life used to be a lot simpler. If you needed milk, you went out and milked the cow. You didn’t have 20 grocery chains to choose from, you … [Continue reading]

How To Get The Most Out Of Music And Entertainment On Your Gadgets And Devices

man using smartphone for entertainment

If you like TV shows, music, and movies, then you will want to get them on your gadgets. Heck, more people are skipping out on actual cable and satellite services these days, since you can watch all your favorite shows through Netflix and more.And … [Continue reading]

Anyone Can Be An Artist: Great Creativity Apps

creativity app

Adults often forget the great lesson of elementary school art class, that - as the famous artists that work with Turnaround Arts and Park West Gallery always teach - anyone can be an artist. Instead, work and daily responsibilities tend to dull the … [Continue reading]

5 Places To Search For Inspiration For Your Next Mobile Game Creation


If you're into mobile gadgets, and potentially games as well, then at some point you may have considered what it would take to create your own games. Does it require programming skill, or connections within the industry? Can you submit game ideas to … [Continue reading]

Business On the Go: Mobile Tips For Work Management

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When it comes to doing business, there's a huge benefit to having the availability to do it on the go. And with the power of mobile processing and the speed of wireless communications, you can get an incredible amount of work done at remote locations … [Continue reading]

Inventory Problems? The 3 Tech Tools Can Help

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Inventory management is central to any good business. Without proper tracking, sales flow is disrupted, products run out or pile up, and profits drop. These tools can also help measure employee performance. That’s why it’s vital to have high quality, … [Continue reading]