internet2 In our world of instant gratification and time-saving technological improvements, one would imagine American internet connection speeds would be among the fastest in the world. Unfortunately for digital-centric individuals, the majority of America is far behind in connection speeds. According to The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, only 7.7 percent of the United States offers the highest-quality Internet speeds through fiber optic connectivity.
Technology continues to advance and a growing number of companies that manufacture electronic devices have gone beyond the mobile. The growing trend today is on wearable technology. Research firm IDC foresees shipments of wearable computing devices this year to reach 19.2 million, triple the figure of 2013. By 2018, it predicts global shipments to hit 111.9 million with a yearly growth rate of 78.4 percent. Wearable health tech products can be purchased conveniently online. Medisave, a global supplier of medical equipment and accessories operating in the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand, is just one of the many suppliers that also sell wearable tech items online. Google has created its Google glasses and the others are following suit. Some have developed gadgets that can be worn on wrist in a similar fashion as the wristwatch or cuff while the others have come up with double purpose clothing.

Having a credit card can sometimes make us believe that purchasing power is equivalent to having actual money. With our available credit limit, we can choose to buy anything with a price tag that is equivalent to it. Buying gadgets is one of the more common reasons why consumers use their credit cards. While this is generally a sound practice when the cardholder has sufficient income to make future payments, there are at least 3 things to consider before you swipe your card to buy that much-desired gadget. [caption id="attachment_11068" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image Source Image Source[/caption] At this point however, there is a need to ...
Food chains and restaurants today are taking advantage of mobile technology as a way to promote efficient service to customers. The tablet is one of the most widely used mobile devices in business these days and the number of establishments utilizing it is growing. Business owners are on the right track in recognizing the benefit of the popular tablet such as the iPad. If you own a small restaurant or are in the process of opening one, it would be a good idea to include this mobile technology in your operations. tablet in restaurant Display Menus Compared to the smart phone, the tablet is a better choice primarily because of its wider screen. With a bigger display, people are better able to see images and read text or descriptions of dishes being offered.
Small islands are often the source of dispute among countries near them. Several countries have been in conflict owing to their claims of ownership of islands with rich marine resources and great potential for gas and oil reserve. In Asia alone, the Philippines, Vietnam and China are claiming some areas as theirs and this remains unsettled up to now. In fact, this has prompted the U.S. to make its stand amid the tension among the nations involved. Scarborough Shoal scarborough  shoal The Philippines and China are both in territorial disputes over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. The Philippines has called for international support amid this ongoing row. While the country has sent its troops to the shoal, China has also sent vessels to the area and word is out that the Chinese may be building an airstrip in the disputed reef. Philippine Navy members have arrested Chinese fishermen in the area several times for gathering marine species protected by the government.
Businesses today are fully embracing the latest technology to successfully achieve their goals and reach out to a wider target audience. While the conventional desktop computer remains to be the primary tool in the offices, mobile devices have also become very useful owing to the great benefits they provide not only to the owners but as well as to customers. It's a reality that business professionals these days bring along with them various mobile devices. These can include the laptop, tablet and smartphone. This is a confirmation of the 2011 prediction of Microsoft Tag that mobile internet use will surpass desktop internet use by 2014. Also this year, experts are seeing increasing mobile adoption by consumers thereby bringing more changes to the marketing strategies of business organizations. mobile-phones-for-business The smartphone, however, is the most handy of them all as it can easily be held by the hand and kept in the pocket. Here then are some of the best smartphones any business should consider using. They're great to own and ideal for business use.
All of us have at some point of our viewing life wished we could see everything a lot clearer in any device that uses display technology. Clear visuals and audio as well make any viewing experience more pleasant, whether we are watching a movie at home, playing Kickstarter games on our mobile devices, or simply listening to music while on the go. We could all use a gadget that can make this happen. It is very interesting to go over the many proposals in crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter becuase of the many products that would could help make our lives a lot easier to manage and enjoy. One such product worth looking into ...
Valentine’s-Day-Wallpapers-for-Android-Smartphones Smartphones are everywhere, it seems! It's nearly impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing people staring at their little computer screens, and occasionally, even using their phones to talk to people! Why are we so in love with smartphones? A lot of researchers are digging into that very question right now, due to fascination, concern, and innovation. Here's our list of favorite four reasons why we think people are digging their smartphones.
3D-angry-birds-angry-birds-32093008-1024-1024 If your kids have been home all summer, they've probably complained about being bored at least a few times (and probably more). Like most children, they're probably spending a lot of time watching TV and playing video games. Those activities can be encouraged to a point. Why it's OK for tour kids to play video games Before you tell your kids to shut down that video game, consider the fact that there are a lot of benefits from gaming which are finally being supported by research. Video games can improve social skills, decision making, and motor skills, and build confidence in players of all ages. Gaming can also improve moods and increase happiness while decreasing depression. Video games of all kinds have their benefits and can offer a lot more than just a way to kill some time. While there are benefits to playing all kinds of games, some games are more beneficial for younger players. Plenty of online educational games for various ages cover a broad range of skills and interests. Word games are great for kids who are working to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their spelling skills; puzzle games can help with problem solving and decision-making skills. Here are five puzzle games that kids can play online for free that are a great introduction to online games in general.
Jul 31 2013
Android-Games If you're in the market for a great smartphone, especially one for gaming, but you're not sure which one to get, you're not alone. There's an overabundance of hardware brands, models within those brands, and operating systems on the market. A great smartphone has many features, but some of them may be more important for you than others. If you're an avid gamer and you're looking for a mobile phone that you'll be using for recreational purposes, then you're going to want a phone with a fast processor. Fast processing is better for handling the three-dimensional graphical requirements associated with high-quality games. You're also going to want something with a large enough screen so you can enjoy those games, but of course the device should be small enough that it qualifies as a phone and not a tablet. You may have heard that Android phones are not as "gameworthy" as iOS phones. Although iOS was first to market, and enjoys some first and exclusive releases, Android boasts of a growing user base and that trend is expected to continue.

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