Using Mobile Devices To Help With Risk Assessment

Though it might seem to be a bit of a high-minded idea, risk assessment is a huge part of most major decisions and processes. At a corporate level, there are certain types of risks, while at personal or individual levels, risk assessment contains other values, but ultimately the underlying concept remains that same.

The point is that you don’t want to carry on with mistakes that cost you time or money. Lucky things for us that many of the new potential that comes with current mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and the Apple Watch et al have solutions to many of these issues, so long as it all remains connected. [Continue reading]

Top Gadgets You Can Claim As A Deduction On Your Taxes

To the majority of the population, taking care of the previous year’s taxes is someone else’s job. Most people don’t thoroughly understand the ins and outs of tax laws, deductions, and credits. It’s all a big mess of mumbo jumbo to the laymen. … [Continue reading]

Five Of The Coolest Gadgets Introduced This Year

Sun Joe Mow Joe

Just in time for Christmas, it’s always fun to check out the year’s newest and coolest gadgets. Technology plays such a dominant role in all of our lives, that it’s always a helpful venture when you seek out new, fancy gadgets and gizmos. Don’t … [Continue reading]

4 Ways To Find Inspired Art With Your Mobile Device

people using mobile phone

Sometimes all it takes to inspire you for a day is a good look at some good art. And since so many things are connected to the Internet for immediate access, your mobile device should work just as well as anything else to get this art from the … [Continue reading]

How To Use Your Mobile Phone To Find a New Home

man using mobile phone

The search for a new home, whether it's going to be buying a house or renting an apartment or a room, is not always the most fun. There is lots of research involved, lots of talking to people, and usually lots of failure before you find the right … [Continue reading]

4 Devices and Methods To Help the Hearing Impaired

For people who are hearing impaired, many modern devices, technological advances, and methods of connection are helping now more than ever in the past. Eventually, humanity will probably come to the point where hearing issues aren't even really a … [Continue reading]

Gadgets Best for Business Professionals

business executive using a tablet

Gadgets are everywhere and they're growing in number. Whether at home, in the office or out on the streets, people of all ages are bringing them and using them whenever they want to. The business professionals are no exception. Most, if not all, … [Continue reading]

5 Gadgets that Improve the Value of a Car


Different people have different reasons for driving. Some people enjoy the freedom. Other people need to get to work. Some use their vehicles to hit the road and go on vacation. Other factors of value that people put on cars include whether they want … [Continue reading]