4 Gadgets for Headache Relief

Nothing can stop you in your tracks like a headache. Whether you suffer from tension, cluster or stress headaches, or even migraines, the best way to treat a headache is to avoid it in the first place. Once your headache has started, it may be difficult to stop. You have many options, from pharmaceuticals to resting in a dark room.

Now there are gadgets that can help with headaches. Some will help relieve the pain, and others will help you prevent it. One gadget even does both. One difficulty that headache sufferers face is that there are different types of headaches. And, each of those headaches has a different treatment that is most effective. Add to that the fact that each headache sufferer is an individual and will react to treatments differently.


The WunderClip

One online blogger suggests the WunderClip as an all natural, drug-free headache reliever. She writes that the premise behind it is actually acupressure. “The webby flesh between the thumb and index finger is the LI4 meridian (LI = large-intestine) and when squeezed, can relieve many types of headaches, particularly tension headaches and those stemming from tight neck muscles.” [Continue reading]

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