Finding Your Way Around Online Banking

It seems like you can pretty much do anything and everything online nowadays. Not only can you shop with your credit card, but many online retailers will take money straight out of your bank account, or you can use one of many online paying apps like PayPal.

Most of these online money systems come with extra security to protect your funds from hackers and other fraud, but you always run some risk whether shopping online or even using your debit/credit card in a brick and mortar store.

Online Banking

online banking

There is a ton that can be done with online banking. These days people can pretty much live without having checks to write out. However, paying by paper check is still the preferred method for many people, and it’s made easier with the ability to order checks online too. Even businesses can order payroll checks online, if they still pay their workers the “old-fashioned” way. [Continue reading]

Three Gadgets To Bring On Your Travels

gps gadget while traveling

Gadgets make your work life easier, your personal life more fulfilling, and they can even add to your overall experience when you are out traveling. “Because it’s important to find the best balance between living in the moment,” says the founder of … [Continue reading]

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