3 Ways to Improve Your Photography

Think you have a special knack for artistic qualities in the world? Some people have a unique eye for seeing the world in a different and special way. Have you always wanted to share this worldview by using photography? One of the most frustrating things a new visual artist can encounter is putting their images onto their computer and finding that they don’t look like the idea they had in mind while shooting.

Focus, Focus, Focus

You know what’s different and unique, so arrange your shot as to remove any distractions or noise. Remember that anyone who sees your photo won’t know about anything that’s not in the frame, so leave as much to the imagination as possible. This draws more interest, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks, making them part of the art.

Photography skills

The reason a focal point is important is that when you look at an image your eye will generally need a ‘resting place’ or something of interest to really hold it. Without it you’ll find people will simply glance at your shots and then move on to the next one. A focal point can be virtually anything ranging from a person, to a building, to a mountain, to a flower etc. [Continue reading]

Work and Get Paid – On the Go!

working on the go

There are a ton of benefits to being able to work on the go. Just because of the option to take your work with you via your mobile devices now, technology frees up an enormous number of creative possibilities, and also chances to meet people face to … [Continue reading]

Using Mobile Devices in Lawsuits

mobile devices in lawsuits

The use of mobile devices in lawsuits has increased dramatically in recent years because of advances in technology. The advances in particular that have helped include better mobile device coverage over more geographical areas, faster speeds, and … [Continue reading]

Finding Your Way Around Online Banking

online banking

It seems like you can pretty much do anything and everything online nowadays. Not only can you shop with your credit card, but many online retailers will take money straight out of your bank account, or you can use one of many online paying apps like … [Continue reading]

Three Gadgets To Bring On Your Travels

gps gadget while traveling

Gadgets make your work life easier, your personal life more fulfilling, and they can even add to your overall experience when you are out traveling. “Because it’s important to find the best balance between living in the moment,” says the founder of … [Continue reading]